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Interim Management Trustee | Trustee and Receiver Consulting Services

Management Trustee, Divestiture Trustee, and Receiver Consulting Services

In the wake of recent Ponzi scandals and financial malfeasance, federal agencies only use highly-vetted individuals as Management Trustees/CEOs. These specialized assignments require recognized integrity, a host of executive management skills, business acumen, industry knowledge and an extremely well-developed ability to work with regulators.

Jim Wanserski has proven expertise executing Trustee and similar Turnaround and Performance-Based roles. Those credentials position him for Monitor, Examiner, Receivership and oversight roles in concert with government agencies, the judiciary, banks and law firms.

He has served as a management trustee and consultant in four major wireless transactions overseen by the U. S. Department of Justice, Telecommunications Enforcement Division: AT&T/Centennial, Verizon/Alltel, and as a wireless industry management consultant for the trustee law firm in the AT&T/Dobson and Verizon/Rural Cellular acquisitions. Due to his wealth of business credentials, turnaround experience, and litigation-support roles, Wanserski was the first non-lawyer management trustee selected by the United States Department of Justice.

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