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Knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging, Jim Wanserski is a popular keynote speaker and presenter on the topics of fraud prevention and detection, business ethics, and operational management. On a mission to “make the world a more ethical and accountable place,” he has uncovered, dealt-with and/or testified on some dozen frauds, aggregating to over $300 million worth of settlements, recoveries, judgments, and damages–all related to corporate fraud instances detected thus far in his career…and that total excludes legal fees! With more than 70 presentations (nationally) to his credit, Wanserski offers standardized or customized speeches and education for: business and trade associations, client meetings, regulators, finance and accounting institutions, universities and more. Contact us now to learn more about topics, keynotes, fees, and availability.

“Frazier & Deeter became aware of Jim Wanserski’s business management and fraud-busting experience via common involvement with a noted national business organization. Understand that Mr. Wanserski has uncovered fraud some dozen times in his business experience thus far, to the tune of over $300 million of recoveries, settlements, claims and economic costs. Because of this in-depth and direct knowledge of how fraud occurs within companies, and his executive experience from numerous industry and consulting positions, we requested Mr. Wanserski present at the state-wide education session put on by the Georgia Society of CPAs. The fact that he has served as CEO in the most recent two wireless transactions via nomination by the United States Department of Justice and appointed as Management Trustee by two different Federal judges certainly validates his reputation and perspectives. He did a masterful job in bringing business knowledge, direct experience, and common sense presentation to this important business issue.

Frazier & Deeter would highly recommend other large groups, be they: accounting, regulatory, ethics, management or industry organizations–secure him as a speaker and bring his insightful program to their podiums as well.”

Sean Lager, Partner, Frazier & Deeter

Presentation Topics:

“Ten Steps to Identify & Prevent Fraud in Your Company”

Via his varied “fraud-busting” experiences and accumulated knowledge, speaker Wanserski has developed a number of useful and (common) sensible “lessons-learned” easily articulated to a wide number of university, audit, accounting, ethics, and general business audiences.

“Fraud Prevention & Detection: Insiders Do It Best”

Proven by hard data, tips from employees, customers and vendors are the best source of uncovering fraud. This presentation explains how, why, and what improvements can and should be exploited.

“Why Whistleblower is NOT a Four-Letter Word”

Fraud is always viewed as bad news…especially when publicity negatively impacts public perceptions. However, developing a framework influencing personal and professional choices ultimately leads to fraud prevention, building optimal business practices, profitability, and ethical business conduct.

“Fraud Prevention and Detection” programs:

For public accounting firms, consultants, editors, magazines, associations, universities, regulators, law firms, bar associations, and law enforcement orchestrating continuing education seminars and programs–utilize an “insider-detection-expert” willing to collaborate on:

  • Events, panel discussions, presentations, speeches, executive education,
  • Content development, webinars, “lessons-learned,”
  • On-site visits, or for direct discussions with clients and prospects.

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“Jim Wanserski brings a strong passion and unique perspective to the topic of fraud prevention and detection. While others can talk about one experience with corporate fraud, Jim is able to see and engagingly communicate the big picture because of his multiple experiences. His entertaining, remarkable presentation gives people a framework for identifying and dealing with fraud.”

Thomas D. Fields, Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Washington University, St Louis, Missouri

“Mr. Wanserski has presented fraud cases and management commentary in my classrooms since 2007. What is unique to his background, and therefore of much greater value to my graduate and undergraduate students, is his multiple perspectives. He has uncovered and dealt with fraud instances early in his career in audit and staff jobs, as a functional manager in very large public companies (requiring him to testify numerous times), as an executive, and in his roles as a United States Department of Justice-nominated consultant and trustee. There is simply no substitute for the multiple levels of perspective he brings to this topic, and I (and my students) have been the beneficiaries of all of them.”

Deborah H. Turner, Ph.D., CPA
John and Wendi Wells Associate Professor for Teaching Excellence, Associate Professor of Accounting
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Scheller College of Business