Management and Consulting Services

Management & Consulting Services

Wanserski & Associates offers customized and experienced resources and an array of proven financial operations and business consulting services to ensure market-tested value and performance improvement for our clients (public and/or private companies).

Financial Operations and Business Consulting


Management needs vary by situation: across industry segments, from company to company, based upon perception, the initial problem-definition…and size.

  • Large public companies typically select consulting assistance from the roster of the most well-known and highest-quality-perceived firms.
  • Mid-size companies engage consultants via a more economic, “pay-back-and-ROI” value approach, and are more likely to select resources outside of the classic “boardroom” names.
  • Start-up and smaller-but-growing-firms opt out of the big names due to cost, but have equivalent critical needs, sometimes “next-level-requirements”, or even “survivor” and turnaround issues.

This firm understands breadth, depth, strategy requirements, as well as business-plan design and execution, operational needs, and finance/accounting requirements.  Most importantly, we have likely been “in the chair.”  We also understand: the comfort of going with the brand names by the large client population; the reluctance to depart from that valued firm choice by mid-size company managements; or, the perception by the “small-but-growing firm” management teams that, “with that background they’ve got to be too expensive.”

However, why not call us and ask?  The fulfillment of assisting a start-up to the next level, dealing briskly, broadly, and analytically with cross-functional issues at mid-size customers, or targeted projects for large clients…we’ve seen all environments, and that’s why we ought to talk.

Key Opportunity Assignments

  • Interim Executive Services; reporting to owners or advisors:  COO, CEO, CFO
  • Advisory, project oversight and execution
  • Operations, business unit optimization
  • Business process reviews
  • Due diligence projects
  • Financial operations and reporting
  • Best practices implementation
  • Working capital management
  • Turnaround projects – direct project experience includes 10 clients in a variety of indutries
  • Investigation or litigation support.
  • For C-Level and the Audit Committee: Fraud prevention and detection, or internal investigations—proactive or reactive; prioritizing compliance efforts relative to business objectives, regulator-required action, court orders and resolutions.
  • Subject Matter Expert/Expert Testimony:  Based upon the need, availability exists for such opportunities.  In just one case–spent some 40+ hours on the stand between 4 days of depositions, one civil litigation appearance, one criminal grand jury appearance, and one criminal jury trial.

Other Capabilities and Services:

  • Executive-level advisory services in business operations, finance, and accounting
  • Operational improvement and performance management
  • In-depth analytics and recommendations for under-performing companies
  • Accounting, finance and reporting
  • Internal Audit, coverage and governance oversight
  • Fraud prevention and detection

Resources are also available for private equity firms, portfolio companies, or owners.