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Case Studies - Trustee

Trustee Case Studies

Management Trustee (CEO) – AT&T/Centennial Merger: Jim Wanserski was recommended by the US Department of Justice (“US DoJ”), Antitrust Division and appointed by the US District Court for the District of Columbia to serve as Management Trustee overseeing divestiture assets in U.S. V. AT&T Inc. and Centennial Communications Corp (2009-2010).  His responsibilities included preserving and maintaining divested wireless assets as viable and independently competitive until the assets can be sold and transitioned to a new buyer, approving the selection of a trust management team located in Ft. Wayne, IN and Alexandria, LA and overseeing 250 sales and field operations personnel in eight markets (MS and LA) supporting 160,000 subscribers, 32 retail locations, 320 cell sites, and approximately $160 million of annual revenue. In addition, Wanserski managed shared services supporting the independently-managed markets and the assigned outside advisors while providing monthly reports to the US DoJ, Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and the State of Louisiana.

Management Trustee (CEO) of “Hold Separate Assets” Trust — Verizon/Alltel Merger: Appointed by the US District Court for the District of Columbia, at the recommendation of the US DoJ, Jim Wanserski served as a Trustee over wireless telecommunications assets and business operations in U.S. v. Verizon Communications, Inc., and Alltel Corp (2008-2009). He selected the management team comprised of executives, sales, marketing, finance and network personnel, including nearly 1,000 in-market field sales, training and network personnel selling and supporting 1.6 million subscribers in (primarily) metropolitan areas in six states. Additional responsibilities included managing coordination of shared services across numerous business functions and oversaw systems separation to ensure competitive separation and independence of all operations, the retention of outside advisors (anti-trust and FCC counsel, telecom consultants) and working closely with representatives of the US DoJ to ensure compliance with the court order, federal agency goals and oversight of defendants’ performance