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Case Studies - Interim Management

Interim Management Case Studies

Interim CFO and Lead Turnaround Consultant for Recapitalization/Sale of Business — Industrial Manufacturer (TN): Developed offering memorandum, drove sale efforts and capital-infusion interests to 70+ equity/debt fund managers.  Provided and coordinated all operational analytics and due diligence information for prospective investors/equity firms.  Dealt exclusively with bank group and successfully completed restructuring and recapitalization of the company.  As part of a follow-up assignment (2-years after the original turnaround project), served as CFO of the company during a transition period to new ownership and management team.


Wireless Company COO (MI) for Chicago-based turnaround firm: Operational review and assessment as part of a turnaround project transitioned into an eight-month tenure as Chief Operating Officer (2002-2003).  Foundering company had $50 million in debt and a dysfunctional management team unable to meet operational and financial requirements.  After initial assessment, during the term as the appointed COO, highlighted accomplishments included the following: identified revenue leakage and  resolved a “roaming revenue” issue of $1 million per month; completed major vendor negotiations generating $750 thousand cost savings; directed selection and implementation of new billing and customer care system, associated network software upgrades, and revenue improvements; implemented cash-flow emphasis for all reporting to the bank consortium; developed two-year view of business plans/budgets, hired sales/marketing resources, as well as implemented competitive analyses & pricing.