Management and Consulting Services

Case Studies

Results tell the real story.

We invite you to read the following case studies, which illustrate the significant impact of our consulting services.


Management Trustee (CEO) – AT&T/Centennial Merger: Jim Wanserski was nominated by the US Department of Justice (“US DoJ”), Antitrust Division and appointed by the US District Court for the District of Columbia to serve as Management Trustee overseeing divestiture assets in U.S. V. AT&T Inc. and Centennial Communications Corp (2009-2010).

Management Trustee (CEO) of “Hold Separate Assets” Trust — Verizon/Alltel Merger: Appointed by the US District Court for the District of Columbia, at the recommendation of the US DoJ, Jim Wanserski served as a Trustee over wireless telecommunications assets and business operations in U.S. v. Verizon Communications, Inc., and Alltel Corp (2008-2009).

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Interim Management

Interim CFO and Lead Turnaround Consultant for Recapitalization/Sale of Business — Industrial Manufacturer (TN): Developed offering memorandum, drove sale efforts and capital-infusion interests to 70+ equity/debt fund managers.

Wireless Company COO (MI) for Chicago-based turnaround firm: Operational review and assessment as part of a turnaround project transitioned into an eight-month tenure as Chief Operating Officer (2002-2003).

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Business Consulting/Fraud Prevention & Detection/Litigation Support

Post-Sale Review of Escrow — Healthcare Client (GA): Conducted study of post-sale collections to determine if release of $ multi-million escrow account held as condition of final purchase agreement was warranted.

Accounts Receivable Fraud – Global Telecommunications Company (GA/VA): As director of all commercial domestic credit and collections, took over responsibility of additional (carrier/wholesale) line of business.

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