Management and Consulting Services

Alliance Partners

We focus on exceeding client expectations each day, on each project, for each client. Those aspirations can require alliance, specialty resources, and network contacts with experiences out of our wheel-house of capabilities:

Over the course of my career thus far, I have personally had the opportunity to work with many firms, advisors, experts, and some of the hardest-working and intelligent individuals I have ever known.

From historical roles and responsibilities, or from recent project work, we have gotten to know many high-profile “board-room” names, broad-based, regional, and specialty/boutique firms in the Atlanta area, the Southeast, and nationally. We are honored to have work referred to us, and we look to provide leads back to those firms as well. Relationships and content knowledge form the basis of our business, and translate to our approach to seeking your business.

The approach is simple, “get the right work to the right people.”

If we have to say “No, not us” – we have found that such a response can add-to, or maintain the credibility we have worked hard to establish. We look for the same from our affiliates, alliance partners, and “friends of the firm.”

Our alliances reside with public accounting firms across the landscape: specialty, mid-size, regional, as well as the “final” Big Four. We know turnaround firm and consulting people from the name-brands to the boutiques. Valuation resources are available to us, from national firms to specialty ones. Law firms, regulators, Federal agencies, bankruptcy resources, advisors, and board members…we know them and they know what we do. We value those relationships.

And, there’s nothing better than a referral from a firm you’ve worked with, worked for, or personally seen in action. Finally, our relationships are not limited—but our allegiance is focused on our high-quality, hard-working, reliable, and ethical alliance partners.

Keep us in mind…“we know people, and they know us.”